The Meta Secret – English Version
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The Meta Secret – English Version

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The Meta Secret – English Version


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Go Beyond The Lew Of Attraction!
Happiness, Love, Health, Wealth – everything is at your fingertips! Here is a great adventure that invites you into the ‘Meta Secret – The Next Level’. The author and several other contemporary thinkers reveal Ancient Secrets in this book. By integrating these principles in your life, you will discover a new reality and passion for living! Essentially a real-life manual, this learning guide will become your best ally in achieving your full potential and overcoming physical and psychological barriers that might otherwise stand in your way. Start your learning today and master these Universal Laws. Enter a world where truly, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

The Law of Attractions is a good starting point for thinking about how to improve your life. You want to align your thoughts and your beliefs with what you want your life to be. But the Law of Attraction itself, by itself, won’t allow you to achieve the abundance that you need. There are certain steps that you need to take – and these steps are all incorporated in what we call The Meta Secret.And the Meta Secret isn’t one solitary method, or one solitary system. The Meta Secret is a combination of tools, methodologies and ways to understand the world and ways to understand how we can change the world.

Dr. Mell Gill is the Writer, Director and Producer of ‘The Meta Secret’ Movie and author of the book by the same name. Recognized by the ‘Business Times’ and ‘The Sentinel’ as one of the Top Asian American Motivational Speakers, he was invited by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to speak as one of the Top 17 Speakers in the World in their Inaugural World Convention. Psychotherapist, Trainer of Master Trainers, Hermetic Philosopher, Motivational Guru, NLP Master Teacher, Personal Development Life Coach, Author or Radio-Show host, the title that probably best describes Dr Gill is ‘The Man With A Billion-Dollar Voice’! His seminars and talks, liberally sprinkled with humor, hold his audiences spellbound, whether they be from one of the hundreds of thousands of corporate trainings, public workshops and seminars he has conducted worldwide or an impactful personal coaching session in a remote village. Whether talking to thousands or a few, Dr Gill has the ability to speak as if he is directing his message personally and this appeal has made him immensely popular and much sought after as a Global Keynote speaker and Senior Executive Trainer.

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